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Thank you for your interest in the Community Justice Centre (CJC) needs assessment in Kenora.

This summer, Ontario is working with community and government partners in Kenora to explore whether people's experience with the justice system can be improved through the establishment of a Community Justice Centre.

Community Justice Centres provide an holistic approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable people who are apprehended for low-level crimes, by bringing together justice, health and social service partners to help them make long-term changes to their behaviour and get back on their feet.

This problem-solving justice model enables closer collaboration and integration between justice, health, and social service providers through an innovative community-based solution. Countries across the world using CJCs have seen broad success and ultimately safer and healthier communities.

About Community Justice Centres

Every Community Justice Centre is different and provides services that are closely tailored to the specific needs of the community it serves, including holistic, culturally-relevant services for Indigenous peoples.

Through their community-based, integrative approach, Community Justice Centres can lower rates of recidivism, enhance public safety, and improve vulnerable and marginalized people's experience in the justice system by:

  • Providing on-site services for offenders as well as other local residents seeking assistance
  • Holding individuals accountable for their actions through culturally-relevant and community-based programming
  • Connecting individuals to supports that address specific needs such as housing, education, job training, mental health services, and addiction treatment

About the Assessment Process

We know from the experiences of other jurisdictions around the world that Community Justice Centres are only successful when they're designed and implemented in collaboration with communities, service providers, Indigenous communities, First Nations leaders and justice partners.

An important part of this assessment is to explore whether a Community Justice Centre could complement and strengthen existing provincial and community-based justice initiatives already in place, such as:

  • Indigenous Diversion programs
  • The Kenora Mental Health Court
  • The Kenora Drug Treatment Court
  • The Assertive Community Treatment Team
  • The Managed Alcohol Program
  • The Situation Table
  • The Youth Justice Collaborative
  • The Indigenous Bail Verification and Supervision Program
  • Other justice related efforts in and around Kenora

How it works

Over the next few months, the Kenora Research and Collaboration team will be connecting with First Nations and Indigenous representatives, local community leaders, government partners, as well as the many community service providers that work with vulnerable individuals in and around Kenora. 

The Kenora Research and Collaboration Team will hold a series of consultations and information gathering activities, including:

  • Hosting forums on July 31, 2017 and again in mid-September, 2017
  • Releasing an online community survey
  • Undertaking a series of interviews with stakeholders
  • Convening small and large group conversations
  • Mapping community resources
  • Reviewing various community data sources

Kenora CJC Needs Assessment Report

You can find the Kenora CJC Needs Assessment Report here

You can find the appendices to the Kenora CJC Needs Assessment Report here.

Meeting Materials

third community justice forum

You can find the slide deck presented at the third Community Justice Forum (April 23, 2018) here.

The summary from the third Community Justice Forum is coming soon.

Sioux lookout stakeholder meeting

You can find the slide deck presented at the Sioux Lookout Stakeholder Meeting (April 24, 2018) here.

The summary from the Sioux Lookout Stakeholder Meeting is coming soon.

Second Community Justice Forum

You can find the second Community Justice Forum (September 18, 2017) summary report here

You can find the slide deck presented at the second Community Justice Forum (September 18, 2017) here.

First Community justice forum

You can find the first Community Justice Forum (July 31, 2017) summary report here.

Online Survey (the online survey is now closed) 

Contact Us

Learning and collaboration are at the heart of this initiative.

If you know someone we should speak with and invite to the community forums, please contact Kate Siemiatycki from the Ministry of the Attorney General at

As well, please contact Kate Siemiatycki if you require an accessibility accommodations at the above address.

The Kenora Needs Assessment Team included:

Kenora Crown                 The Ministry of               The Centre for Court              Swerhun Inc.
Attornery's Office            Attorney General             Innovation
Mary Anne Mousseau      Joan Barrett                     Brett Taylor                              Nicole Swerhun
William Scott                  Dayna Arron                    Natalie Reyes                           Yulia Pak
                                       Kate Siemiatycki


The Community Justice Centre project is an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

The community needs assessment is managed by a third party working on behalf of the Ministry. If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information please contact us at


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